Family Portraits Make Great Holiday Cards

Summer is the best time of the year for family portraits. The weather is great, and the days are longer. You can also get a head start on your custom Holiday cards. All the Holiday cards we create for our clients are fully custom designed with their favorite images, copy and fonts. We always have Holiday cards in mind when photographing a family. Ordering your cards early gives us more time to design the perfect card, always getting approval from our clients before going to print. They are delivered with return addressed envelopes with their home address on the back flap, ready for addressing. For the families that prefer to design their own cards, templates with standard messages are available on our website, or they can purchase fully retouched digital files from us and create their own cards.

If we’re photographing your family this summer, don’t forget to ask us to see our Holiday card samples. When the busy Holiday season arrives, your cards will be ready to mail.

Many of our clients choose a studio session for their family portraits, others prefer an environmental setting. The studio “look” can be more formal, or relaxed, depending on wardrobe and backgrounds, and, we don’t have to worry about weather, high or low tide, or the time of day for best light as we would in an environmental session. It is always a good idea to have a wardrobe consultation when scheduling your family portrait, and to plan on using a professional makeup artist.

Below are the front, inside, and back of several cards we have produced recently. Starting with one of our own featuring our studio. Most of the cards are horizontal, opening like a laptop computer, some are vertical, opening like a book.
001-01-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Card-Front002-03-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards-as top+bottom


Here is another Holiday card, from a studio session. We photographed the children on a dark background, then on the back of the card, we used a white background (high key) for a completely different look:

004-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio Front005-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio Top and Bottom006-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio Back

It’s always a good idea to incorporate special family events when possible. In this card, the family incorporated a photograph from their oldest son’s First Holy Communion.

007-01-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio -Front008-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio _Top+Bottom-Wcopy009-Barnet-Photography-Holiday-Cards Studio -5x7h_Folded_back

This Holiday card was photographed in Old Town Orange. This lovely couple were former wedding clients.



We were honored to photograph this couple’s first Holiday card with their new addition to the family. Little Clayton loved the camera!


This family celebrated their daughter’s graduation from college and hired us to do their family portrait on that day. What a great idea! The family looked great in their coordinated light neutrals and pastels.


Whenever we do family portraits, we love to include some playful images like you see on the back of this card.



For this family portrait, and card, we used the front steps of their home.


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